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Exporting with file attachments?

I’m trying to export this game which has several file attachments Kaboom RPG Example / Andrew Wooldridge / Observable

however when I try to use it on another site ( in this case itch.io ) None of the images are loading

Is there an option when I export a notebook that the file attachments get added to the tar file for local use?

If I try to access one of those images myself in the browser I get access denied


Access denied.

Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object.

Hm. I think the images should be included in the downloaded bundle…? When I download that notebook and run it locally, I see them under /files, and the notebook works locally.

But, the way file attachments are implemented, folks have often had issues bundling them in other applications. Here’s Radames talking about it in the forum; we have an example using Rollup here.

Maybe you know all that; I’m not sure what itch.io is doing here. I’m too sleepy right now to understand the error there on that site ha but can look more later.

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Huh. looks like 7-zip on windows is not un-taring the file - I get a single PaxHeader file instead of the folder with the resources. I’m trying via command line now and see if that fixes it.

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The root issue was 7-zip didn’t properly un-tar the file. The files subdirectory was not created instead it continually overwrote a “PaxHeader” file. So after using command line untar on windows it created the files subdirectory and everything is working now. Thanks for your response! It’ led me to try a different way to untar the file.