Exporting SVG based on Wee People Font by ProPublica

Hi! I’m looking for tips on how to export an SVG from this notebook: [Little People Religious Affiliations PH / Bianchi Dy | Observable](https://Little People Religious Affiliations), which uses the Wee People font by ProPublica. I want to export it as either an SVG or PNG.

Right now I am using Observable’s built-in SVG/PNG export, which gives me only the letters for both SVG and PNG. What am I missing in my code?

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Unfortunately font support in SVG tools is a mess. You could try the approach described in the following notebook:

That might solve the problem for PNG exports, but an exported SVG will likely only display correctly in browsers. In that case I’d recommend to look for a solution that embeds the glyphs as paths (e.g. with the help of opentype.js).

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Specializing @mootari’s suggestion to your use case, I think you just need to append the styles directly to the SVG. That is, in your chart2 function, create your SVG like so:

const svg = d3.select(DOM.svg(width, height));

I sent you a suggestion with this approach. Here’s the resulting PNG downloaded from Observable’s export functionality: