Drawing curved paths..

I am looking to better understand radial layouts, like this one:

Can you get these curved lines for the links using lineRadial() generator? This example is using a generator, but not sure how to specify the attribute for getting curved lines to the child nodes. I can get layouts with straight lines…


  -- krs

Can you share a notebook or a drawing that shows what you’re trying to achieve?

lineRadial accepts points specified as angle+radius, and curves—but the curves do not know about the center and radius, so they don’t “follow the circle”. I did some research on this a while ago, it was not fully conclusive at the time but we could try again.

So I can get the radial layout as (straight) line segments. I checked the paths that were generated as MoveTo and LineTo actions to draw the path, so its doing the right thing. I wanted to know how to get the paths to be drawn as curves, as its done in the example I posted in the original link. They seem more compact and space efficient as I am trying to draw a very large radial graph…

  -- krs