Download/Embed menu propogates mouse events

Here’s an image that I created using the Download PNG button:

Note the region outlined in black in the lower left. That appears in response to a mouseenter event when I hit “Download PNG” from the three dot “kebab” menu. Thus, I suppose it shouldn’t be there.

You can take a look at the notebook to get a better idea of what I’m saying:

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Ah wow that sounds annoying! I just tried a few times in Chrome/Safari/Firefox; it worked fine most of the time, but I did get the effect you’re seeing once. I think if you make sure you’ve mouseleft before opening the menu, and then don’t move for a second after you click “Download PNG”, it should work. I don’t think the mousemoves are propagating through to behind the menu while your moue is on it, at least not for me, but when I play with it it’s easy for a stray move to leave the effect on while the PNG is generated. I could be wrong.

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Ah just a little bit. I was able to work around it and posted this mainly as a bug report.