DOM select dropdown doesn't work in Chrome

Seems to be a Chrome-specific bug. Neither the tagged template literal, nor, work in Chrome (66.0.3359.117) at but they both work fine in FF.

After exploring more closely, I can confirm that on Chrome (65.0.3325.181) with Windows 10 the dropdown created with["one", "two", "three"]) isn’t functioning, nor is the tagged literal selection:


These elements appear, but the selection function isn’t working.

… I feel like this was working a few days ago.

It’s quite odd - within a minute or two after posting, it was working in Chrome for me. Now it’s fine.

Do you have strict site isolation enabled?

Oddly, for me, no: Strict site isolation on my machine is disabled. I have several dozen Observable tabs open at the moment (bad practice, I admit) as I a learn about ‘viewof’… to the extent this might affect things? I didn’t notice this to be an issue before (working primarily in Chrome), but interesting to be aware of the bug.

I can confirm the behaviour, and in my case it wasn’t restricted to just the select but all kinds of input, and even (not) being able to inspect the iframe contents with Chrome’s devtools — and this all went away after disabling strict site isolation (input is possible as well as devtools inspection).