deleting file attachments

I can´t delete the unused file attachments in this notebook: Heizen in Deutschland / RND | Observable

same problem here: Heizen in Deutschland II / RND | Observable

Can you provide more details?

Hi Johannes, sorry for the trouble. Seconding Fabian, I can’t seem to reproduce the issue; deleting unused files is working ok for me in my test notebook.

Do you see the “Delete” option in the file’s “⋯” menu, and when you click it nothing happens? Could you post a screenshot of the menu?

If you open the browser’s developer console, do you see any errors when you try to delete it?

Thanks Johannes. We have a known bug where you can’t delete a file that gets stuck in the “pending” state. (I thought we’d fixed the cases that get you into that state, but I guess not!) Does that sound right — did the file never fully upload? I’ll take a look at fixing that.

I am not sure. Uploading was ok, I guess

The pending files should now be removed from your notebooks. Could you please check and report back?

yes, they are gone. Thank you, great work!