Default notebook font for Windows

Hi there! I’d like to ask for a better default font when viewing Observable notebooks on Windows. Right now, the font defaults to Times New Roman, which is a little too grotesque for viewing happy little notebooks full of data.

Perhaps using something like the native font stack how Bootstrap implements it would be advisable.

The body font in notebooks is a serif font, so unfortunately the Bootstrap font stack isn’t something we can use. Our sans-serif font stack is pretty similar to Bootstrap’s, with a few minor improvements.

Looks like the best fonts we can get by default in Windows are Constantia, Cambria, Georgia, and Palatino Linotype, and Palatino is the closest in style to Iowan Old Style, the top preference and macOS default. I’ll tinker with making it the Windows choice.

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Thanks, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

While we are talking about fonts, have you considered trying to make the LaTeX font match the body copy more closely? Computer Modern is a mediocre choice to pair with the current font stack that Observable uses for the rest of the text.

Do any of the web LaTeX renderers support using alternative math fonts? Personally I would love to have all the math show up in AMS Euler, but as an alternative, you might consider using STIX 2.0 for both math and body copy.

Our LaTeX implementation is powered by KaTeX. I found this related issue; you might want to voice your support over there?

It looks like it might be possible for us to build a fork of KaTeX that uses AMS Euler, but I haven’t tried yet.

Thanks for the font update; it looks much better now. Cheers.