Debugging a cell execution that never completes

Hi All,

I have a notebook that used to function correctly, but now appears not to. Specifically, there is a cell newTaxModel which fails to evaluate, so I am looking for suggestions on how to debug this.

The notebook itself has not changed since it was functional. It does however import an npm package which has changed, but I don’t currently see why this would be breaking (but it could be). Specifically, if one imports the function model from the micro-table package, Observable cannot seem to execute it, but other notebooks seem to work OK if they chain calls to model().

The returned object has a .then() method, causing it to be duck-typed as a thenable / promise which Observable’s Runtime then tries to resolve.

I suspect that the returned value is a chainable instance which again has .then(), causing an infinite loop. You could either wrap the return value in an object so that the Runtime does not attempt to resolve it, or redefine .then() (e.g. via Obect.defineProperty or Object.assign) on the returned object.

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Thank you @mootari