Data Wrangler - Preloaded "wrangle"

Is there any way to preload the Data Wranger with a query or partial query?

Hi @GordonSmith ! Unfortunately, there’s not currently a way to do that. Could I ask more about what problem you’re trying to solve to see if there’s an alternate solution?

It would be nice to tell a story starting with an empty wrangler and then showing a post wrangled output (and allowing the user to play with it).

Also it would allow the user to save the state and comeback to it later…

Here’s a fork that lets you do that (diff):

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I was a bit hasty in my suggestion. While the changes (which have now been merged into the Data Wrangler notebook) do technically work as intended, they turn out to be rather impractical because the transformations also contain a copy of the data.

Will have to give it more thought.

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