d3 sankey ; Highlight all connecting paths of a node

First many thanks for providing the nice sankey example Sankey Diagram / D3 / Observable
I have been able to adapt it for my user case.

But adding new feature is not as simple…

For example, from d3 sankey demo; Highlight all connecting paths of a node - bl.ocks.org, I would like to highlight all connecting paths of a node.
I am stuck with the use of the traversing algorithm.

Any help welcome.
My testing notebook is available from: Sankey Diagram / Patrick Brockmann / Observable

Also interested in dragging vertically a node and have the very nice animated gradients
Sankey With Animated Gradients / Jarrett Meyer / Observable working with d3@6


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I have tested Animated gradient with my datasets then a minimal dataset and it does not work as expected.

Flow from A to B never highlights.

A example of highlighting path from a node selection from