D3.js: Not resizing in Browser


I’m new to D3 and started with the example “Zoomable-Sunburst” which is fiting perfect. The only issue I’ve got right now is the resizing in the browser. Even without any customization and implementation of the plain example the chart is not scaling while zooming in or out.
Is there an easy way to implement this function or am I missing something?

Kind regards!

Perhaps you’re talking about this:

That seems to scale quite well with browser resize. If you’ve forked that notebook and made some changes or if you’re working from a different example, then perhaps you could share your code?

Hi mcmcclur,

You’re totally right about “zoomable sunburst”. The example isn’t even resizing without any customization (download including the runnable). Maybe it is an issue about my browser (I tried Google Chrome and Firefox) or my webserver (Apache)?

Kind regards

Maybe it is because the example chart isn’t embedded into a certain html element like a div container?
I already saw implementations which use d3.selected, but I don’t now how to make use of it in this example.