Clippath, cells (and closures ?)

I have a question that is bothering me… In this notebook, I have created 2 maps in 2 different cells with 2 different projections. In these 2 maps, use a clip path to cut the countries by the outline. In both cases, the id of my clip path is “clip”. But in the 2nd map, it is not the right clip that is used, but the one from the 1st map. Why? Is it because of Observable or is it linked to javascript? Of course, we could solve the problem by changing the id of the 2nd clip. But why? What if I want the same id for both maps ? If someone can explain this to me, it would be very nice :slight_smile:

ids are unique in a page; a solution might be to use a shadow root (a sort of “closure” in the DOM) : Hello, shadow DOM / Fil / Observable

Ok. Thx Fil.