Click Handler for Circle/Nodes

Hi there,

I have a network graph. I want to select the node on the graph that would return the source/target id for example to a variable. That I can used that variable id to query another set of table.

So, how do I return the value to the cell? I can see the value on the console, but I just don’t know how to return the value to the cell so it can be used for later.

Do you have a notebook that you can share?

A common method is to expose the value as a .value property on the outermost element and turn your cell into a view:

I used mutable, it seems to do the trick.

Now I am trying to generate a new graph from the new value generated near the end of the notebook using the mutable syntax. I am trying to see how I can parse that value to the beginning of the notebook, so it can generate a new graph.

i will take a look at viewof now and see how it goes.