Can I create a table from parquet in duckdb with "DuckDBClient.of"?

I can manage to create a table and then populate it from a remote parquet file:

statsdb = DuckDBClient.of()
statsdb.query(`CREATE TABLE stats AS SELECT * FROM ""`)

Is it possible to create the stats table via DuckDBClient.of, or do I need to do this CREATE TABLE?

If it is not possible, consider this a feature request - if it is I’d love to know how!

With Observable’s client, DuckDBClient.of() is loading the duckdb library and WASM file on demand, and so it has become a Promise that you neeed to await:

yup, that’s what I’m doing already - I was trying to see if there was a way to do something like:

  sometable: "https://someurl/to/a/parquet.file"

You also can actually simplify that parquet_scan like I did in the sample at the top of this post

The notebook I used to hack on this is here: Figuring out how to use plot with duckdb / Bill Mill / Observable

Here is a way to get close by mimicking the File Attachments API. Just need to return a name and a url method in a helper function.