Boston-area Covid Wastewater Data

I’ve been following MWRA’s covid wastewater data, but their charts lately have gotten a little hard to read. I made an interactive version that lets you swap between linear and log scale and narrow down the dates to look at.

One potentially general interest feature here is an example of using Observable Plot in combination with d3-brush.

Excellent example, thank you for sharing! You can track the progress on interactions in Plot in brush, pointer by mbostock · Pull Request #721 · observablehq/plot · GitHub — not fully ready yet, but we’re getting closer. In the meantime if you want to work with a plugin you can try this branch Plot.brush (#71) / Fil / Observable

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Oooh, thanks! As you can see from my usage of the onclick plugin you wrote I’ve been enjoying your experimental plot features, but I didn’t find that particular one :slight_smile:

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