Array of array tree cannot be expanded

Dear Master,

I have a situation where my Array of array cannot be expanded. You can see it on my notebook at Look at variable named arrdata or dearr.

But i recreate the other array of array (100 row), the tree can be expanded.

Can you explain why, is it a bug or something wrong with my code.


I am no master, but I’ll reply very quickly in case time is of the essence (and assuming you know more than me and can problem solve yourself):

Your cell doesn’t fully resolve (which is why that grey bar persists on the left border of the cell). Being no master, I don’t know whether this stems from your code (or if mutable implies a promise). I suspect if you can get the cell to resolve, the array arrows will be expandable.

Again - being no master (and not knowledgeable of mutables), this sorta demonstrates how getting the cell to resolve will allow your array to expand:

Okay i understand the root cause now.

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