Arbitrary scale

I am a D3/Plot novice but familiar with Plotly and other visualization tools. I would like to experiment with arbitrary scales, for example, using the populations of cities as a scale, with the x-axis ticks labeled with (probably rotated) city names.

I realize this runs a bit against the usual purpose of a rule or scale but the idea is to concisely contextualize related data, for example, contextualizing state covid stats against a ‘ruler’ of city or county populations in that state. Or more generally, contextualizing data vulnerable to distorting or minimizing intuitions or rhetoric against a more helpful framework.

Looking through Scales / Observable Plot / Observable / Observable, Plot scales seem to be driven by sets of built-in or automatic domains/intervals (dates, alphabets, logs).

My questions are:

  1. Is this a D3 task or is an arbitrary scale (with legible labeling) in Plot a possibility?
  2. Has anyone come across similar experiments in Observable or elsewhere?

Sure! It’s a great suggestion. Here’s a first draft to get you started:

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Amazing. This looks great. Thank you!

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