Absolute placement of text mark for a title

I’ve been enjoying the captions for Plot charts, allowing for a description to be connected to a visual, making it easier to move around a notebook as a collective piece. Was experimenting with a way to add a chart title to a Plot chart and wondering if there’s a good way to do this. I’ve seen @Fil address this, and it looks like plot titles has a long standing discussion. Jumping in on this I spose.

Below I have a mark that puts title text in the top left, but any y-axis label will be above the title. Is is possible to use a text mark to place text, above everything else? Is it possible to place text with Plot in relation to the full visual, not just the plot frame? Thanks!

// custom mark for adding a title at the top of a Plot
function titleMark(text, options = {}) {
  const defaultOptions = {
    frameAnchor: "top-left",
    dy: -15,
    fontSize: 16,
    fontWeight: "bold",
    lineAnchor: "bottom",

  const opts = { ...defaultOptions, ...options };

  return Plot.text([text], {
    text: (d) => d,

Always learning,