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30DayMapChallenge questions?

I’ve put quite a bit of energy in the #30DayMapChallenge this year (collection : Visionscarto / Observable ). I’ve used the challenge as an opportunity to “finish” a few notebooks I had started and never published, or sometimes follow ideas that I hadn’t taken the time to really try, as well as showcase how little code is needed to do creative maps with Observable’s toolset.

The last day of the challenge is supposed to be some kind of “meta-mapping”, a retrospect / post-mortem of the work, or a map of the maps or whatever. If you have questions, please ask them here, and it will guide me about topics I could address for that little essay. Thank you!


I have been loving the maps.

I kind of get scared of maps because it always seems super awkward and fiddly to do anything off-the-beaten path. So I wonder if this recent flurry of work made you discover some new hacks which got great results for relatively little effort. I am always interested in these little shortcuts that emerge through experience.

I’ve really enjoyed your entries to the challenge - I think my favourite collection this year. And of the collection, your Day 16 population projecting Loir et Cher, has been my favourite. Not least because it explores ideas close to my heart of ‘relaxed geography’ .

Because many of your submissions have involved retrojecting geography in one way or another, one possible meta-mapping idea might be to map the amount and direction of the geographic reprojection in each of the previous 29 days.

Thanks! I’ve answered (sort-of) in 30 days and as many maps / Visionscarto / Observable