Why not have a personnalizable home?


Would it be possible, in the settings, or directly in the home to enable and disable the display of sections of the home?

For example one might not be interested in the section “most like last week” and could want to hide it, or on the contrary, someone could want to give less space to recent activity and more to the trending section. Therefore moving the trending section above the “recent activity” while increasing the size attributed to the “recent activity”.

I guess this could be achieve with some drag-gable react grid such as https://github.com/strml/react-grid-layout. But you probably have some design rational for not putting this in place and I’ll be happy to learn it.

Thank you

We’re still tinkering with what content we think works best on the home page, and trying to keep settings to a minimum. There is one thing that’s customizable - the Quickstart selections that you see when you sign up for Observable can be dismissed because folks will probably read them and be done with them, or just want to dive in by trying things out. At least in my experience, customizability works best when the defaults are really good and the options for changing the content are inspired by the use-cases: fully drag & drop grid UIs are fairly rare.