whats about using node addons in notebooks?

I am successfuly using d3 with swiss ephemeris node addon (swisseph@0.5.13/lib/swisseph.js).
But it not working here :frowning_face: Is there any way to work with ephemeris directly or create some extension module for Observable like addons? Swiss ephemeris may work with jpl ephemeris, but this size is 2.5Gb. Better using attachment with compressed data ~ 2Mb. It this will allow you to get high accuracy in calculating time of any astronomical phenomens in any location. suncalc library is poor in this deal.

I don’t think there’s a way to use that library since it uses native Node modules, which can’t work in the browser. I’d recommend looking for a module that is either implemented in pure JS or uses WebAssembly to run native code.


ok, thanks Jad!