Standard notebooks for 2D and 3D graphics

Spent most of the weekend trying to find out the best way to do some 2D and 3D graphics and look at numerous notebooks which all seemed very different implementations.

Is it possible if the top developers could create a couple of notebooks, at least for simple graphics, to render some geometries.

Some standard file structures which novices like myself could use to quickly build new applications:

  1. Vertex index files or data structures
  2. Face index files or data structures
  3. Normals optional
  4. Simple view, please no sophisticated camera setups
  5. For now no materials or textures or translucency, just base 2D and 3D rendering
  6. Simple light direction and ambient and specular specifications

For files whether xml based or json or csv, please post small downloadable files so we could code against.

Myself and others are not interested in the nuances of the Observable code, we are interested to adopt some templates and quickly build useful application for our clients. This is the purpose of the notebook based software development.

See what we did with Sketchfab:

Obviously much better and more useful could be created in Observable, just need a bit of packaging with some useful notebooks for us to build applications.

More later, once I could render some simple graphics.

Hope was not imposing