Secrets no longer exist in settings?

I had an old private notebook using the the Secrets feature, now when I navigate to my settings I do not see the secrets tab that is mentioned in the docs?

The secret I have referenced is still being read (my token is now expired so the notebook no longer works) but I cannot update it, I had a look through your pricing page and couldn’t find any reference to this being a paid feature?

Whats the best way going forward to use secrets?

Hi @ryanseddon, sorry for the trouble! Your secrets still exist, they just have been moved to a new auto-created workspace, along with any notebooks, collections and API keys.

Could you confirm that can edit your secrets at ?

Ah thank you, confusing as I was clicking my avatar and navigating to settings there. The Secrets docs even link me to those settings might need to update those to clarify where the secrets are now.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for the feedback! We will clarify it in the docs.