Is there a limit to the number of cells a notebook can have?

I’m creating a personal notebook to record miscellaneous Javascript code I write when I get stuck on a problem, but I wonder if there is a limit to how many cells I’m allow to have, or if there is any performance considerations to have before I break my browser.

The code snippets don’t do anything it is all markdown.

Thank you.

If there’s a limit I haven’t ever run into it. How many cells are you thinking of? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

Hi @jrus, I don’t know hence the question. I’ve been curating this notebook for a while at the moment it has only +50 cells of Markdown comments. I just got curious about a limit/performance as I was adding another cell last night.

In looking at the statistics on the platform, we see most notebooks having <100 cells, with some having a few 100 cells. There is no technical limit to the number of cells, but you may want to consider creating multiple smaller notebooks for bandwidth reasons as well as to find the code snippets more easily! You can always group them in a nice collection for easy navigation also.