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Introducing Our First Observable Ambassadors

Today we are announcing our Observable Ambassador Program. I’ve put together a notebook giving context about why we are launching this program… as well as how impactful the community has been on my personal life.


What is the program?

Ambassadors are community creators who are inspiring others - new users and existing users. The Ambassador Program is just one step toward building out the Observable community further. As this program grows, we will evolve it, and learn how we can make it better for everyone.

Our Ambassadors will contribute to the community by continuing to do what they already have been doing. They will use Observable, provide feedback about their experience, share their recommendations, create and publish their work, and engage in discussion with the community.

Who are our Ambassadors?

Our first cohort of Ambassadors come from all walks of life. Some of them have only been using Observable for a few months, some are new to Data Viz, some have been on Observable since the beginning. It is immensely important to us that our Ambassadors represent the variety of backgrounds we see on Observable today. We are excited to bring together curious and open minds who will help foster the Observable community as it grows.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Observable makes working with data more approachable, interactive, transparent and shareable; a place where everyone can go to make sense of the data in the world. If you share our passion and commitment, submit your application to become an ambassador today!

You can apply here: https://next.observablehq.com/@observablehq/become-an-observable-ambassador

Consider this v1 of the Ambassador program and we’re learning and growing as we go. We will review applications and introduce new Ambassadors on a quarterly basis.

All the best,