How to suppress showing variables at bottom of diagram

I’ve just taken the simple collapsible tree example and exported the code as a starting point for a new application. I’m able to run the code fine but I don’t understand where in the code the variables at the bottom of the plot are being generated. This stuff is fine for debugging but when I get to production I need to turn it off. How do I do that?

I think this link will answer your question:

Especially this link (Feature Request: Hiding Cell - #8 by mootari) from @mootari


Looking over this post and the attached screenshots, I wonder if the (very helpful) discussion that Cobus linked may be a step or two more advanced than necessary? That is, it looks to me that the above is a full notebook download, locally hosted. The data cells at the bottom of the chart can be ‘hidden’ by embedding only the graph cell. The differences between full and partial embeds are covered here:

… Hopefully between this and the more advanced techniques, you’ll find what a solution that best fit! :wink: Let us know!

EDIT: Oh whoops! having clicked into Cobus’ link, I see that I already shared this link in suggestion in the other thread! (I should probably avoid posting here till I figure out how to use my phone better).

Further edit : I am re-including this since the topic was bumped on the other thread. Please let me know if this helps. Also, if you can share what your local host is serving, it would help to better offer suggestions.