How to read back the values of the actual chart margins?

If I create a chart with the Plot-Function

  plot = Plot.plot({

    //Remaining code omitted for clarity
    //Add margins to the chart
    marginLeft: 50,
    marginBottom: 50

is there any possibility to read back marginLeft, marginBottom and so on?

For example

  var attributes = plot.attributes;

does not include any margin info.

Thank you.

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Nothing like this exists—although you might be able to read the dimensions of, say, the rect created by a Plot.frame, in some cases. It would be interesting to understand the use case.

Ok, you are right. I don’t need the margins.

For example to draw the x-line I used

//Remaining code omitted for clarity
.attr("y2", svgDim.height - 50 - scaleTemp.apply(d.temperature));

where 50 is the bottom margin of the diagram.

But if I use the domain I don’t need the margins

const yDomain = dataPlot.scale("y").domain
//Remaining code omitted for clarity
.attr("y2", scaleTemp.apply(yDomain[0]) - scaleTemp.apply(d.temperature));

Here is the link to the notebook. And here is the affected cell Mousemove event.

Thank you.