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FileAttachment with specific character-encoding

I have a csv file with french accents.
When I read it with a FileAttachment I get
‘Th�me g�n�ral’ instead of ‘Thème général’

Is there a way to handle this ?
I have tried different options from d3.csv without success

Hi Patrick,
Would you be able to share your file here so we can try figuring it out?

Here is my file

I sent you a suggestion (https://observablehq.com/d/92151e76ae94cfea)
The csv/tsv file should be saved as UTF-8.
I opened the file in Numbers (on Mac) and exported it as tsv with UTF-8 as the encoding and voilà, it worked.

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Indeed a problem of encoding that can be solved of the source.
I received the file and used it directly. I should have checked it before
and use UTF-8 encoding.
Thank you again

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