d3.js NuGet package generates 9000+ errors on install

I’ve used d3 on the web and enjoyed it very much. I’m trying to integrate it into a larger software project, but installing the NuGet package through Visual Studio results in thousands of errors on every line, even on README.md. I’ve tried rolling it back to a previous version, installing it on a fresh project with no code, and even trying to fix some of the errors by hand, with no change. I’ve tried it within a few different project types as well.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s genuinely a problem with the D3 NuGet package. It seems unlikely that a package would be released “wrong”, so it has to be something I’m missing, but I am not able to find many or even any examples of other people using the NuGet package online.

Is this the package that you are referring to? NuGet Gallery | d3 7.9.0

Are you using any other packages which wrap JS libraries and work without issues?

Yes, that is the package.

My existing project uses several other packages and work without issues, but I also started two fresh projects with no code and got the same issue when installing the d3 package.

As far as I can tell ('m not familiar with the .Net ecosystem) the NuGet package only adds configuration to the original D3 sources.

Does an older major release like 6.* work for you?

And can you point to other packages that work without problems?

Wow. You were right. I initially tried going back 5 or 6 releases, but when I went back to 6.7, it worked. That’s the last in 6.*, the moment I went up to 7.0.0 it broke again. I can make 6.7 work for sure.

The Lua and WebView2 packages both play nicely with Javascript in this project.

Which version of NuGet are you using?