Bug: "Display as list" causes mixed layout / nonfunctional layout toolbar

Case 1: Mixed layout


  1. Open https://observablehq.com/@mootari
  2. Select “Display as list”
  3. Reload page

Expected result: vertical list is displayed
Actual result: A mix of grid and list layout is displayed

Case 2: Nonfunctional layout toolbar


  1. Open https://observablehq.com/trending
  2. Select “Display as list”
  3. Reload page
  4. Select “Display as list”

Expected result: List layout is displayed
Actual result: Grid layout is displayed, button “Display as list” is nonfunctional

Edit: Apparently both cases only happen when visiting as guest (i.e. unauthenticated).

norepro on macOS 10.15.1 (19B88) Safari 13.0.3 (15608.

I was able to reproduce the issue in all tested browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari (13.0.4) on OSX 10.13.6, Chrome 78 on Android 9.

All tests were performed unauthenticated in a private window.

It’s a bug. Thanks for the report.

Both cases have been fixed. Thanks!