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Thumbnail daemon fails to detect WebGL canvas (6)
Feature request: Supply a fixed thumbnail (10)
Usability suggestion: make the availability of code completion much more prominent in the documentation, especially in the instructional notebooks targeted to beginning programmers (1)
scrollbars in an html generated in a cell are not working (2)
Bug report: local anchor link (9)
Feature request: create Collections by other users (5)
Feature request: deep links (9)
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Cells display on 34'' wide screens (5)
localStorage issues - broken notebooks (3)
Unpkg imports failing, apparently "bare" imports not working? (3)
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"Algorithms" collection missing from Featured collections (2)
Show left-hand cell names when window is narrow (4)
Notebook clone instead of fork (2)
Notebooks discovery enhancements to consider (9)
Auto-close Syntax Containers (1)
"Show more" on Profile page Likes tab (2)
Short Apache Arrow JS code intro (1)
Are we supposed to see Draft of other people’s profiles? (2)
Fix notebook thumbnailer (5)
Profile icon glitch on iPhone (3)
Rethink position of delete / move icons (7)
Feature request: Let user customize indentation settings (7)
Bug report: first publish don't take name from markdown title of the notebook (6)
No possibility to delete a cell (11)
Broken link on downloading-and-embedding-notebooks (3)